Cloudwaitress Features

With Cloudwaitress you get the best of the best. Pick out what features work for you and leave the ones that don’t.

  • Ordering Website

    Create your own custom online ordering website connected to your own domain name. Includes a free SSL certificate for security

  • Landing Page

    Generate a unique business landing page that can either be used as your main website or a store locator page

  • Admin Dashboard

    Easily manage your settings, menus, orders and reservations online through the admin dashboard. Create staff accounts with restricted access

  • iOS & Android Apps

    Get your own custom branded mobile application on the iOS and Android app store for a flat fee. Great way to build your brand

  • Online Payments

    Capture online payments directly to your merchant accounts from a variety of online payment providers such as Stripe, PayPal, POLi & more

  • Multi-Region

    Built to be used worldwide. All your currencies, dates and times are formatted in the most recognizable way for your local customers

  • Multi-Currency

    Our system provides support for nearly every currency in the world with precise financial calculations

  • Multi-Language

    Our online ordering interface is available in several different languages that can easily be chosen by your customer

  • Multiple & Compounding Taxes

    Configure any number of taxes to be applied to your prices either inclusive or exclusive of tax. Taxes can also be compounding

  • API Access

    Hook into the system with our easy to use REST API in JSON format. Automate tasks or write your own custom integrations

  • Integrations

    Connect your system to a variety of 3rd party services such as social platforms to enhance and extend your system

  • No Contracts & Low Prices

    We don't believe in lock-in contracts or high prices. There are no hidden fees and you can cancel your account online at any time

  • Regular Updates

    Get access to a constant stream of new updates and features that are regularly added to the system based on customer feedback

  • BYO Hardware

    Use any hardware, tablets, PCs or printers without issues. We recommend a Windows tablet or PC for printing compatibility

  • First Class Support

    We priorities customer support over sales. Get in touch with us easily with less than 12 hour response times, 7 days a week